The Future Vision for the Department: -
 The Sculpture Department aims to developdistinct and creative graduates who enjoy certain features such as thinking, creativity and the acquisition of knowledge and the value of scientific research in art and creativity in the art of sculpture and the development of critic thinking skills and enhancing the sense of the society in whichthe graduate lives through the provision of sculptural works of art to the national, cultural, social, investment and tourism institutions and also to take part in the local and international art exhibitions and the acquisition of the culture of communication between the creator and the receiver, and to interact with modern techniques.

The Message of the Department: -
 The message of the Sculpture Department is to develop a preparation creative vocational practitioner graduate capable to interact with the cultural and academic institutions, and capable to solve environmental problems, as well as the constructive interaction with the Enlightenment movements within the society and beyond. The Sculpture Department seeks to take a leading position in the provision of the basic elements of the civilization, technical and cultural development and advancement on all cultural, scientific and social levels in the world.